Crop News – Barley Newsletter October 2017

Now the malting barley harvest is finished in Europe – even if not all is harvested, but the remaining fields are not malting quality any more.
The 2017 crop season has shown unreliable and partly extreme weather conditions and made the life for many malting barley farmers difficult.
Related to these problems, in most European countries there is still a lot of sorting work needed:  to sort the harvested barley lots in the good, acceptable and downgraded ones.
The prices have been very volatile thru the ups and downs in weather and harvest reports – but as a conclusion so far there is a lot of problems to handle and the balance in total is tight and depending on good sorting work and acceptance of divergent qualities.

In our Viking Malt Countries we were on the lucky side this year as we just got the right conditions both in growing season and especially at harvest time – even if we partly were really late.

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