WALKABOUT – new Viking Malt series of stories on sustainability

In February, we launched on Linkedin new series of stories called Viking Malt Walkabout. The series invites all our customers, partners and followers to join our sustainability journey, from farm to final product. Through these stories, we explore all that malt can be for a better tomorrow, together with our farmers, partners, and customers.


Our Vice President of Sourcing & Procurement, Jacob Andersen, leads these discussions with experts in the field of sustainable agriculture.
In our first three videos, we were joined by Roland Westerberg, Commercial Director at Yara International in Finland; dr inż. Piotr Zarzycki, the lead agronomist at a large farm in Poland, who shares his thoughts on regenerative farming based on several years of experience; and Lars-Erik Nielsen, farm manager, who talked about his experience of crop rotation, cover crops, integration of livestock, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

These insightful talks are available on our LinkedIn profile, where we invite you to watch, comment, and share your own stories:


We hope these conversations inspire you to join us in our sustainability journey and help us positively impact the planet!