Spendrups Value the Organic

Spendrups Bryggeri AB is a family owned brewery in Sweden. The company has long traditions in brewing since 1897 and more than 900 co-workers. Today Spendrups is known for the quality beer brands and many insipirational, growing new brands like Pistonhead and Brutal Brewing.
We asked the Head of Brewery, Richard Bengtsson, how he sees the value and philosophy of organic beer brands.

”We have brewed whole organic beer since 2009. Today Spendrups is one of the biggest organic beer producers in the world with total production volume of ca 100 000 hl organic beer of different styles. Our organic beers represent all possible beer styles like: Lager, Modern Hop Aromatic Lager, Classic Ale, American Pale Ale, Organic Wheat Beer and Organic Seasonal Beers, which are very popular during different ”festive” times of the year” says Richard.

Could you please, tell us about your philosophy behind the organic beers?

”The ground philosophy is simple: beer should be brewed from water, MALT, hops and yeast – only – not of anything else. This applies also the organic production. It must be real and genuine. That’s why all our ingredients used for the organic beers are 100% organic raw materials. Meaning malt, hops and yeast, they are all organic.

Over the years we have set targets to increase the share of our organic products and to find right kind of organic raw materials. This ”organic tour” we have done together with Viking Malt. I’m very happy what we have achieved together. At Spendrups Bryggeri we highly value long term co-operation partners and suppliers. The better when the co-operation covers even farming and the source of our raw materials.

The develompment work we have done with new beer styles in the organic segment has been done in close contact with our malt supplier. They have been able to offer us a wide selection of organic malt. I think this is a result of longtime co-operation. I’m very happy with the malt quality and the wide selection of special malts Viking Malt offers us.

The market share of organic beers is supposed to continue its increase. This in mind we at Spendrups Bryggeri develop our organic beer portfolio even further in good co-operation with Viking Malt”.