Viking Malt launches germinated faba bean ingredients

Viking Malt has been an expert in germination since 1897. Now we have reimagined germination for food and launched new faba bean ingredients: germinated split beans and germinated bean flour. The ingredients are launched through a brand called Sprau, which is an entrepreneurial innovation platform within Viking Malt. We have just opened the Sprau website on – check it out!

Faba beans are an outstanding species that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, revitalize the soil, improve biodiversity and help reduce animal-based consumption. They demonstrate huge potential to help both agriculture and the food industry become more sustainable.

On top of being an excellent source of plant-based protein, legumes store dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. One of the factors limiting their use in the diet is the digestive discomfort pulses may cause, but with Sprau that is no longer the case. Germination is an ancient and natural process that awakens the bean to its full potential, making it easier for digestion. Without germination, the bean is but potential – a micro-universe, in stasis.

Applications for our germinated split beans and bean flour include plant-based yogurts, meat analogues, tempeh, hummus and savoury snacks. These applications have been tested in our laboratory and with our collaboration partners with very promising results.

We are very excited about the possibilities the new ingredients bring and thrilled to launch the Sprau brand. If you have any questions about the Sprau brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to tell you more about the ingredient.

The Sprau Team